4 ways to increase your health insurance cover

Buying a proper health insurance online plan is extremely important for all citizens, especially those who have debilitating health conditions or disorders that could increase with the expenses of treating each of them. As inflation rises, it is important that you consider increasing your insurance cover to shelter your family. But if you already have one, should you get a second one or just get a top-up plan? Find out more about that in this post!

Increase The Current Sum Insured

During the time of renewal, you will see that your insurer will provide you with the chance to increase the sum insured. In such cases, you could always enhance the cover if there isn’t enough health insurance. Rakesh Jain who happens to be an executive director as well as a chief executive also said that you can increase your sum insured. The best part about this is that it doesn’t come with a waiting period. If you wish to switch to a different health policy, you may end up waiting for four years for all pre-existing diseases.

Purchase a super top-up plan

Now, whenever the cost of hospitalization crosses the base of sum assured, having a good super top-up plan will give you some extra protection for your current health coverage plans. Having a super top-up plan also comes with a limit for deductions. Hence, having a top-up plan will only be activated after the expenditures cover the costs of your insurance policy.

Buy a health policy that’s all-inclusive

Buying a comprehensive health insurance policy could offer you many more advantages compared to individual health insurance where you can avail yourself of much greater benefits as well as medical coverage for all your medical requirements. Instead of purchasing plans for every single member of the family, go for a family health insurance plan that takes care of all your loved ones in the long run.

Go for critical illnesses plan

Whenever you are faced with a critical illness, your present coverage probably will not be enough to cover all the costs. Offering a higher coverage of the insurance is important to help you cover up all the costs since they are much higher compared to all the other ailments. Other illnesses like cancer, kidney failure, cancer, or heart attack could cause major setbacks and put a major dent in your finances. Hence, you should go for a plan that will cover all your critical illnesses. Plans like these offer you payments after you have been diagnosed in a way that you will be able to pay off all the medical expenses as well as tests in an easy manner.

Getting adequate health coverage is extremely important. However, it is equally crucial that you choose something that is cost-effective and at the same time meets all your requirements and needs. If you want some more sum assured, go for an extra top-up plan. But, if you want more benefits and features, get yourself a new plan. You can check out all the insurance plans from top brands at One Assure.