Calculating Costs: How to Use a Brokerage Calculator for Smart Trading

In stock market trading, we have seen massive growth in the past couple of years while investing in stocks alongside various other securities, but along with the growth in the market there also comes investors who have to be aware of using brokerage charges, transactions, taxes alongside other fees. This is exactly where you need a calculator. Having a calculator will help you understand all the costs of a trade along with the taxes as well as additional charges. Having a brokerage calculator is useful as it also helps you understand trade costs along with taxes and charges. To know how you can use this, keep reading this post.

How to choose the best brokerage calculator?

Select a good calculator

Find a calculator that suits you. There are several calculators available on the internet, although you can pick the one provided by your brokerage.

Enter trading details

Enter all the details you want to add. This also includes all the shares, lots you’d like to sell or buy, the cost of each share, the kind of security you wish to trade and more.

Choose brokerage plans

Choose brokerage plans offered by the broker to you. This also includes the charges that are applicable within the trade.

Include Costs

You can also add extra costs which also add value to the trade like transaction charges, demat fees, etc.

Calculate Costs

You can also click on the calculate button to understand trading costs, which includes both fees and charges.

Compare Costs

Take a look at all the costs needed to execute the trade within various brokers. This will also help you select brokers that offer extremely low costs of trading.

What should you keep in my mind while select a calculator?


It’s important to know how acculate a calculator is before you open demat account. It should be able to provide you with all calculations, transaction fees, taxes, etc.

Ease of use

The calculator is also quite easy to use, comes with a very user-friendly interface that easily allows you to add all the information easily and quickly.


A good calculator is one which allows you to tailor calculations depending on needs. It could include all tax ranges, charges of the brokerage, etc.

Trading types

Various calculators specialize in handling different trading types. Hence, make sure that you choose one that can handle the kind of trade that you are mostly interested in like futures, options or other instruments,


In simple words, by calculating taxes, transaction fees alongside other charges, using a brokerage calculator will help you make better trading decisions as well as achieving the objectives. You can also compare several calculators online in the Indian share market, invest in a proper tool that matches all your needs and get accurate estimates of your trading costs as well. Using us, you can easily get hold of a good quality calculator that will give you a range of trades, commodities, options, etc.,