LH-Crypto by Larson&Holz broker – the highest quality service for traders

Each of us is well aware of the pace at which financial markets are developing. And apparently, we should realize that for a successful trade on any of them, a brokerage company is needed. Choosing from many brokers, we chose Larson&Holz. And not because the company has a foreign name. First of all, we looked at the quality of services that a company can provide to its client. The next characteristic feature is the availability of necessary services. Again, the company Larson&Holz has developed many non-standard services. Standard services, by this time have been improved. In each service, additional tools were introduced, and some even passed the period of adaptation to new conditions. On the one hand, it’s good. Since the functionality of each service was designed for customers. That is, each development was subjected to a survey from customers. And the innovations that have been characterized by the majority of customers on the positive side, the company Larson&Holz has implemented. But we must understand that on the basis of the opinion of one client it is impossible to describe the brokerage company as a whole. Therefore, we set the task of describing the most important, and at the same time, interesting, services and additions to them.

What you need to pay attention first. The company Larson&Holz has made the priority program of work with beginning traders. This is very important, since most customers come to the company without the necessary knowledge. Especially for this, Larson&Holz has developed special courses that are designed to teach a trader to trade in financial markets. The company has selected specialists who teach clients to trading. Training is conducted in special classes equipped with modern equipment. In addition, the training courses are divided according to the type of clients. If a client has previously traded, he is given the appropriate specialist. If the client does not have a clue about the basic principles of financial markets, the teacher will explain to him what the basis of the market is, and why this component plays a key role in trading. But it is necessary to understand that not everyone can visit partner centers and offices. Especially for this, Larson&Holz has developed video courses. This is very similar to webinars. Only each video course implies a certain stage in trading. But there are other additional tools designed specifically for traders without work experience. The most popular addition is the no deposit trading method. However, this addition can be used not only by novice traders. The matter is that initially the given service was developed without the certain criterion. That is, the development was carried out for all clients, regardless of the experience in trading, or the size of the client’s deposit. During the survey conducted by Larson&Holz, it became clear that even those traders who are well versed in the intricacies of financial markets became interested in this development. After all, how not to twist, and trade without own investments, it’s interesting. Moreover, you can keep your profit. Yes, and the size of the deposit is $ 100, which Larson&Holz provided as a bonus. On the one hand, this is a great opportunity to try the trading system in the business. And without risk. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to get free seed money. With the help of Larson&Holz. Do not rely on the fact that if the trade is conducted on company money, then you can trade aby as. If the trader is purposeful, he will definitely use this bonus with benefit for himself. And what is most interesting, the company gives the opportunity to open a no-deposit account the whole three times. After that, this function becomes unavailable. But this period is enough to fill a solid basis for future trade.

The next innovation, which is useful for traders, is the reduced spreads. In general, this innovation is well developed in intraday trading. That is intraday. Service is perfectly combined with the scalping method. This even becomes relevant for scalpers. After all, during one trading session more than ten orders can be opened. The service of reduced spreads will allow the trader to get almost all the potential of opened orders.

No less interesting is the function of trading without a swap. And if the spread reduction is ideal for scalpers, then trade without a swap loses its relevance for them. But all the benefits of this service will be felt by investors. They are known to work for long periods, when the order remains open for quite a long time. Naturally, they lose on swaps. But if they are not there, then the whole size of the swap can be put in a profit box.

Well, what interests every trader, regardless of trading methods. These are the types of accounts. The company provides two types of trading accounts – classic and NDD. Classic trading accounts. By registering this type of account, the trader receives a guarantee that the execution of orders will be instant. At least, the company LH-CRYPTO promises a high speed of execution of market and pending orders. Many traders do not attach importance to this. But this determines the moment when the order is executed at the best price, which in turn leads to a greater profit. Again, with a strong market, the company provides a reduced spread. It is almost equal to the market value of the spread. This, in turn, means that the trader will get the expected result when closing orders. And moreover, even with high volatility, the trader will not go beyond the maximum spread. Larson&Holz has implemented an automatic control system for spreading values. Even with high price fluctuations, the spread will move in a narrow range.

Only on the classical type there is a bonus program, which implies the accrual of interest on the trading account. It should be noted that other brokerage companies do not. Now traders, who have a deposit of more than $ 1,000, receive a certain percentage. Like in a bank. The only difference is that Larson&Holz pays interest on the deposit currency. And the percentage is much more than the banking one. On holidays, the percentage of accrual increases twice. Quite a tempting offer. And what is characteristic, operates without fail.

Now consider another type of account – NDD. There are some restrictions. But these restrictions, on the other hand, are an advantage. First, the minimum deposit must be at least $ 1,000. But in our time, this amount is not transcendental. Most traders have more deposits several times. The next moment is the maximum execution speed of orders, and a direct access to the financial market. If you examine in detail, the trade is conducted without the intermediation of the company Larson&Holz. The trader receives a huge advantage in the speed of execution of orders and the direct market price.

As you can see, each type of account has its advantages. If a trader is a beginner, he should use the classical type. If the trader has experience in trading, you can go to the NDD account. By the way, the company does not limit the transfers between these types of accounts.