How To Determine What Type Of Gold You Own

Gold has been considered as a valuable metal since the dawn of human civilisation while it is often imitated in types of jewellery or other items. Indeed, if you have a number of gold items in your possession and you are looking to sell them, then you need to determine which type of gold you actually own. Indeed, a number of different types of gold are available while you should understand the system of carats that is used to determine the purity of a particular gold item. However, if you want some professional assistance to determine which type of gold you actually own then you should consider contacting a gold dealer for more information.

Identify your gold

One of the simplest things that you can do to identify a particular type of gold is to look for any official markings on the gold known as hallmarks. Indeed, this particular method will tell the owner about the percentage of gold that is contained within a particular item. You can often find a hallmark on the inside band of a ring, while you could also check other types of jewellery for markings which identify the gold’s level of purity. Gold is valued between zero and 24 karats depending on which level of purity has been used to create the gold item.

Find out the value

In addition, by using the system of hallmarks to identify the purity of any gold you can also determine its value. Another simple method that you can use to determine the purity of your gold is to weigh it while you can determine the value by multiplying the weight by the percentage of gold found in the item. Therefore, low value items of gold will contain fewer carats while high value items will contain a higher percentage of gold within the alloy.

Look for discolouring

Another way that you can determine the value of any gold items that you want to sell is to look for any discolouring in the piece. Indeed, if you are looking for a company that can provide you with cash for gold, then you should think about determining the actual value of the piece as well as understand how many carats are contained within the item. If there is any noticeable discolouring on a particular piece, then you should be aware that the item may be gold plated while if you are able to see a different coloured metal underneath the gold plate, then you will know the item is not considered to be real gold and will therefore be worth less money.

Check your skin

In addition, you should be aware of another simple way to determine which type of gold you own, which is to look on your skin after you have been wearing a particular item. Indeed, gold does not react with any oil or sweat that is produced by human skin. So if you see a number of marks on your own skin, then you should presume that the gold item may be less pure than you initially thought.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you have a number of gold items in your possession and you are looking to sell them for cash, then you should make sure you understand what type of gold you own before contacting a gold buyer for more information.