Can Taking Out an Installment Loan Improve your Credit Score?

Your credit score reflects how you handle your debt. If you don’t have an ideal credit score, it might be time to adjust your thinking. While there is no way to change how things went before in your credit history, there are ways to improve it today.

A personal installment loan can help in improving your credit score. Unlike short-term loans like title or payday loans, installment loans are paid off in a series of manageable payments over the term of your loan. There’s more about this type of loan at Here’s how installment loans can help you improve your score.

Allows you to Save some Bucks

An installment loan is worth it if you can get it at a lower or equal rate than your other debts. You can save money if you consolidate your debts with high interest into an affordable installment loan. Keep in mind though that taking out a shorter loan means less costs. The majority of installment loans are structured to be paid back over the course of a few years. This lets you make minimum payments. In addition, if you pay less on your debt, you will also be able to pay down your debt as quickly as possible. And being able to pay your debt sooner will reflect your credit score.

Breaks Down your Loans Into Manageable Options

Having more diverse credit mix means better credit rating. Thus, taking out an installment loan to pay off some of your credit card debt can be a good idea to diversify your credit which would eventually help in improving your credit score. The best practice though is to get an installment loan with a purpose because getting one just for the sake of getting it can only leave you with mounting debts.

Offers you a History of On-Time Payments

Payment history determines a fraction of your overall credit score. Thus, when you pay your loan on time every month, you will have a greatly improved score. Just hope though that your lender will report the right information to the credit bureaus especially if you have a bad credit. Find a good lender at

When taking out an installment loan, ensure you go to a lender which provides personal installment loans with lower interest rates, better customer services and longer terms than other lenders. Also, they should be known for reporting payment information to the bureaus so that your loan application can greatly improve your credit score.