7-Eleven has launched a new app which gives customers a better choice in petrol prices across Australia

Toward the beginning of March, 7-Eleven reported an imaginative and one of a kind application, which helps drivers lock in the best close-by fuel cost at their stores all through Australia.

The new 7-Eleven fuel application is the first of its kind and permits drivers to find their five nearest 7-Eleven Fuel Stores and distinguishes the most reduced fuel cost. Customers can then “secure” that cost for seven days and buy petrol at that cost at any 7-Eleven store in the country.

The imaginative new thought expects to help drivers state the best close-by arrangement on fuel, paying little personality to which 7-Eleven fuel store they finish off at. This is only for 7-Eleven’s customers.

The app is unrivalled as it is the only one to use a customer’s location, see real-time fuel prices and allow them to lock in the best one.

Using an outstanding algorithm and geo-locator tool, the appidentifies the best nearby 7-Eleven fuel costs. Once a customer registers for a ‘digital wallet’ and selects which fuel type and amount they require, they can then fill up at any fuel store. The transaction is then completed by scanning the barcode.

Paul Wallace is the Digital Marketing Manager at 7-Eleven, who says they are consistently searching for ways to present new and exclusive products for their esteemed customers. “The 7-Eleven Fuel App is a world first innovation that forms a key part of our strategy to continue to be Australia’s number one convenience store. The launch of this App is about providing customers with digital products that are easy to use and allow them greater choice when purchasing fuel.”

If the cost of petrol at the store is lower than what customers have ‘locked in’, then they can pay the less expensive priceregardless of what they have secured. Likewise, once the locked in price expires after the 7 days, customers can ‘lock in’ another price of fuel to their 7-Eleven ‘digital wallet’, which can then be spent at any 7-Eleven store. This won’t impact their secured price and paying for fuel will only happen when customers visit a 7-Eleven Store.

Paul Wallace also said, “Unlike fuel discount schemes, the Fuel App doesn’t require customers to spend money in-store to redeem fuel savings.”

After being in planning and development for over eighteen months, they then identified feedback and criticism across all stores during a 5 month pilot. The app was then officially launched to the public on the third of March in 2016.

You can download the 7-Eleven Fuel App now! It’s available to download from the App Store or Google Playfor both Android and iOS.